En Son Eklenen

Careful, it’s important

I have bad news for you. Unfortunately, something bad happened.

One of your credentials was compromised, and that led to a chain of =
events that I will explain to you now.
Using your password, our team got access to your email. We downloaded =
all data, and with some effort used it to get access to your backup =
Nothing could have prevented this.

The data that we have downloaded, contains your personal photos and =
videos, chats, documents, emails, contacts, your browsing history, =
notes, social media history and more, including some deleted =

I am sure that you dont want any part of your private information to be =
seen by other people. And you can stop this.
If we dont get what we are asking for, we will use this information =
against you.

If you are not sure of what can be done, just imagine what would happen =
if we use your email and phone number to send the most private and =
damaging content to your contacts.
That would be very damaging to you.

However, there is a solution. You can avoid this mess by paying a fee to =
delete the files we have.
So let’s make this simple. You pay $1700 USD, and there will be nothing =
to worry about. No chats, no photos, nothing.

Use Bitcoin to make the transfer. Wallet address is =
1FM5UgvKwLgRsYQRzR1GXj1ccJUz13kiFb , it’s unique and we will know that =
you made the payment immediately.
You have 2 days to make the transfer, that’s reasonable.
Take care.

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